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Dear Member,

Reference is made to the memo dated 30th December 2021, and other subsequent communication made regarding the transition to a new enterprise resource planning system (WESE). In this regard, I take this pleasure to inform the general membership that the migration was completed and members are now able to login and check their account standings in the comfort of their homes.

I wish to further acknowledge that the process has taken a longer time than anticipated, this is owing to a number of unforeseen circumstances regarding the development and configuration of the new system. In the same vein, we have maintained a parallel run of the new system with the old system (Navision) up to the end of 2023. Due to this parallel run, we may experience slight delay in the update of the account standings, however our effort remains resilient on zeroing any lag.

I also would like to state that once the new system assumes its operation at full capacity, members will have an option to receive automated statements in the form of either monthly standing statement or an event subscription, meaning that for any transaction a member conducts with the cooperative, they would receive an email notification.

In addition, to reverberate the point raised in the memo dated 30th December 2021, the new system will eliminate the interest free period experienced in Navision, which negatively impacted on performance. This will bring to an end the era of an error that gave inadvertent loan repayment relief for two bi-weekly pay periods or one month to members in the system. This meant that there was a delay in beginning to accrue interest on the loan for those two bi- weekly pay periods or one month. The new system will begin accruing interest as soon as the loan has been paid out to the member to bring us up to industry standard.

I wish to thank you all for your patience exercised in this transition period and I look forward to the new era of robust technology.

How To Access Statements

We would like to receive feedback of your experience with the new system. To login to the new system, navigate our Nkwazi cooperative website at and enter the credentials you were provided with. If you have forgotten your credentials, kindly get in touch with the customer care team at to reset your credentials. In the near future members will be able to self-reset their passwords.

NB: keep your password confidential.

Please contact the Secretariat should you have any queries and remember to save regularly, borrow wisely, and repay promptly.

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