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Frequently Asked Questions

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Currently, individual joining is not available but only through organisations we have signed Memorandum of understating (MOU) with, this is to enable the cooperative control flow of funds and risks mitigation.

They are many benefits to benefit from including dividends that are paid annually, interest on savings and the equity which grows over time. ultimately Nkwazi is a safe Investment haven here to safeguard your future financial needs.

This is because shares are revalued from time to time. Shares form membership while savings qualifies a member to borrow.

Members can check their statements using member login portal. Members without login credentials can request through getting in touch with our customer care. Using phone 0211284623 and 260956797719.

You can acess the Membership form from our downloads using the link ;


The limit is set to control funds been disbursed and to encourage members to save more than to increase borrowing.


The current system extracts the statements splitting the interest and the principal amounts. The smaller amounts relates to interest repayment and the bigger amounts is principal repayment.

Depending on the type of application, Emergency and Education take approximately 2 to 3 working days whereas Savings withdraw, Commodity and Provident are disbursed within 14 working days.

A witness can be any member of Nkwazi so even after leaving an organisation, one may still contact former employees or any member able to recommend your application.

Collateral is demanded to mitigate risks associated with members who are out of employment but wish to continue accessing Nkwazi loans. Therefore, members are encouraged to save more so that in an event they cannot offer collateral, they can borrow within their savings.

Yes,to top up or refinance a loan,a member can use the same loan application form which can be accessed from document downlaods.

You can acess the loan application form from our downloads through the link ;


Among the primary objectives of the cooperative is to encourage thrift among members and promote the habit of savings. To provide a source of funds by accumulating the savings from which members can borrow for productive and provident purposes.

Members can access application forms through the download section on the website. If the download fails or takes long to download, members can request for the forms via email.


Our aim is to ensure funds a disbursed within the stipulated time frames, however there are bottlenecks which sometimes impede on this such as incomplete applications documents, errors with provided information. We therefore encourage members to ensure all documents a counter checked upon submission.

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