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The Nkwazi Board is composed of the following committees and members:-


  1. Mr. Clive Mulumba –Chairman
  2. Mr. Richard Musukuma-Treasurer
  3. Mr. Ferzio Mampwe-Secretary


  1. Mr. Mathew Saili
  2. Ms. Dorothy Musonda
  3. Ms. Kamiji Mulyata


  1. Ms. Mildred Muleba
  2. Mr.Kombe Kaponda –Vice Chairperson
  3. Dr. Thierry Malebe


  • EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - This committee is responsible for both administration policies and operations of Nkwazi Cooperative
  • CREDIT COMMITTEE - This committee is responsible for approving and dispersing loans to member applicants ensuring the recovery of the same
  • EDUCATION COMMITTEE - This committee is responsible for publicity, education and training programs of Nkwazi Cooperative.

The overall business of Nkwazi Cooperative is therefore supervised by the Board which may exercise some or all its powers and functions conferred on the Cooperative in accordance with the Cooperative Societies Act, Rules and the By-Laws.


  1. Kashiya Mwanda Chabala - Administrator
  2. Shepherd Mulenga Chongo - Accountant
  3. David Mutati Mwamba - Senior Credit Officer
  4. Enock Mwata - Administration/Logistics Officer
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Nkwazi Newsletter 2015 First edition
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Memo #: GEN/2015/02 To: General Membership From: Chairperson Subject: New Board of Directors, Secretariat Staff and Organizational Chart Date: 30 July 2015 Nkwazi Co-Operative Savings & Credit Society Limited is pleased to announce the new Board of Directors after the 19th AGM held on the 17th April 2015. The Board is segmented into Executive Committee, Credit Committee, and Education as stated in section 7.04 and 13.00 of the byelaws. i. The Executive Committee - This Committee ...
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Memo #: GEN /2015 /03 To: General Membership From: Chairperson Subject: Revised Form Date: 30th July 2015 This serves to inform you that the Board on the 18 th July 2015 approved revision and updating of the following forms attached hereto ; 1. Membership Application form http://nkwazicoop.com/index.php/downloads/membership-forms 2. Loan Application form http://nkwazicoop.com/index.php/downloads/loan-application-forms 3. Standing Order / Payroll Deduction Commitment form ...
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Nkwazi Coop Ethics

Members of Nkwazi are encouraged to uphold high ethical standards and integrity when transacting with Nkwazi.The Nkwazi Office strives to deal fairly and impartially with all members and strives to process all loan applications within the set time frames and in accordance with the prevailing Loan and Savings Policy.

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